Actors and The Difficulties In Reality TV

Reality TV has become one of the largest facets of commercial television with nearly a hundred different reality shows being created thus far. They all offer a wide variety of content and can appeal to vastly different crowds. But one thing is for sure; Reality TV is a hit with the American population as their high ratings can prove.


But what about reality TV makes it so compelling? Is it because of the Actors and the difficulties in reality TV? Is it because it supposedly follows ordinary people as they are put in extraordinary situations? What draws so many to this genre of television?


Well there are actually a variety of reasons for why people so eagerly watch reality TV. The first and main reason is because we can almost connect. These are not trained, professional actors playing a role. These are real people trying to be themselves as they are put into weird and often difficult situations.


This normalcy allows us to connect better with them, get a feel for them and empathize with them. We can understand their thought process better and understand where they are coming from. We know it is not just a story someone made up.


Although this normalcy plays a big part, it is not the only reason we fawn over reality TV shows. While we often do not like admitting it, we enjoy watching the Actors and the difficulties in reality TV. It is the drama in many of these programs that hold our attention. We watch from week to week, eagerly waiting what new situation will unfold.


You have heard reality TV as being described as a train wreck. It has got to be one of the most common descriptions for this genre, and that is because it is accurate. The shows are not necessarily good, but we still cannot bring ourselves to turn away. We are fascinated by the things these people do and say and how the situations unfold.


Another reason for the success of reality TV is the thrill of it all. I do not mean like the thrill you get from going on a roller coaster or something, but we get attached to the actors and we want to see them succeed. On those elimination shows we hold our breath, hoping our favorite contestant does not get kicked off. Or on those competition shows we cross our fingers and hope our favorite pulls through.


There are a lot of reasons for why we enjoy reality TV. Whether it is from watching Actors and the difficulties in reality TV, to cheering on our favorite actor or simply being able to put ourselves in their shoes. Reality TV offers something for everyone, and that is why it has become such a staple of our television industry.


So regardless of why you find yourself watching reality TV, ultimately it is about enjoyment. It is entertainment after all. So while there may be various reasons for why we find it entertaining, the end result we all share is that we are entertained.


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