Explore Talent for Your Acting Auditions

For every aspiring actor or actress auditions are very important. It is the time when every participant tries to get selected for the role they have come for. To walk out happily with an assignment in hand you will have to explore talent with a convincing attitude. Coming prepared for audition gives you confidence. Below are the things our experts at Child Actor LA suggests, you need to prepare before audition:


  • Being aware of the role: You should be aware of the role. Before going to audition you should practice the act many times and have to get comfortable with the character you are going to act.
  • Rehearse with audience: Always try to rehearse with some audience. They can be your friends, family or colleagues. It will make you comfortable when people are watching you.
  • Be confident and relaxed: You are there because you have something special. Give the audition, as if you are the one the director is looking for. Just explore talent that you already have without considering competitive participants.
  • Remember the lines: It is as important as acting. Try to glance at the lines just before going to the stage.


Smile first and then introduce yourself and the piece of act you will be doing. Look into the eyes of casting directors, while handing over your resume. Don’t show your nervousness. Take a deep breath and start. Get into the character totally and explore talent that you possess. Show your potential and make them feel that you are the ‘character’.


Things to be taken care of:

  • Clothes: Make sure, if there is any dress code for the character. Otherwise wear your casuals that are comfortable. Nothing should bother your mind.
  • Confidence: It’s good to be confident, but not over confident. It shows your attitude.
  • Punctuality: Reach before time. Don’t make your casting directors wait for you. Nobody likes waiting.
  • Don’t be sorry: If you forget lines, don’t let them know. Don’t stop and say sorry. Pretend as if everything is going smooth. Jump off to the next line or dialogue. It happens most of the times with everyone in this industry.
  • No explanations: If you felt something has gone wrong in between the act, there really isn’t any need to explain about it later. You did your best, now leave it to them. Nobody has time to review some tiny faults.
  • Thank and Smile: Drop your character, come back to yourself, smile and say thank you to the directors.


After the auditions if you get selected for the role, you will be the new face of the television or the film industry. If not, don’t take it personally. You have come for audition to explore talent in front of industry people. They are there to judge and select who is suitable for the role. May be you are not the kind of actor or actress they are looking for. It does not mean you don’t have the talent. Only the need is different. Auditioning more helps you grow as an actor and explore talent deeply in you, which is possible only with practice.


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