Ways to Practice Your Acting

Being a full time actor, you’ll know how important it is to practice over and over again until you perfect your role. Some practitioners make you believe that you can only do this on the stage with people watching you, while others think that you can practice your acting skills anywhere you want.


Here are a few “unconventional” ways for you to practice your acting skills.


Go dancing


Take dancing lessons and learn a new move or two. Why dancing? Well because it’s just another way of self-expression. In a way, dancing is sort of like acting. You give out and show emotion and passion with every step and you want the people watching you to feel the same way. Check your local college or gym and sign up for a few dance lessons. It’s not only good for your acting skills, it’s also exercise and another talent that you can put to good use.


Talk to yourself


This might sound crazy, but talking to yourself helps you get used to what you’ll be saying. This is a big plus when you’re getting ready to face a crowd, camera or interviewers from acting agencies in New York. When you’re alone, just grab a mirror and recite a few lines from your favorite piece or play, something that you’re familiar of and look at how you speak, your facial expression, even eye movement.


Speak in public


You can’t be a good actor if you can’t speak properly in public. Public speaking should come naturally to you, but if you still feel afraid to get up on that stage and talk to a crowd then you’re going to need a lot of help. Start by reading. Read a lot of books and read some of the phrases and words out loud. Then you can move on to orations and speeches by famous people through history. Try to perform these in public to practice how you deliver them and make it a point to practice.


Meet people


You can definitely practice your acting when you’re out meeting new people. I’m not saying that you play a different character when you’re introduced to someone, but it’s more on how you act around others. In the acting industry, you will be working with a lot of people. There are not a lot of introverts in the entertainment world so go around and meet others so you’ll get used to people. Who knows, you might just become friends with someone from an acting agencies in New York that can give you a break.


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