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When attending an audition it is of the utmost importance to be prepared. Most decisions to eliminate you from consideration are made during the first 30 seconds of an audition. When you walk into the room it’s very important to stay in your own space. Don’t start comparing yourself to others. Women tend to do that. Don’t you do it! Concentrate on being yourself and try not to be too critical.


If this is your first audition, don’t make it known, nothing turns off a casting director more than saying that is your first audition and that you’re nervous. Just do your job and leave. Your job is done! You have tried out for a part, now it’s time to wait and see if you get a call back.


Different directors are looking for different things so learn to be flexible. Some directors expect you to come with good old fashioned missionary zeal – oozing with enthusiasm, courage and thoroughly convinced that you’re the right person for the part.


Don’t be late, that shows them a lot about your professional ability. Most directors have a major problem with that. Keep in mind that they have a limited amount of time and don’t have time to waste. Be prepared, be professional and be on time.


Never show up to an audition without talking to your agent about what is required for the part. What is the age range, what’s the gender, are there any sides or scripts available. The time and place for the audition. Dress for the character, it shows you have studied the part.


Never book an audition knowing that you will not be able to be there. Be aware of conflicts and be honest about them. Share that information up front with the casting director. Never compromise your ethic or moral values. Know in advance if there are going to be any callbacks and when the project shoots. No sense auditioning for a part when you know that you’re not going to be around when the shooting starts.


Do your networking after the audition – never before. Remember that you’re in a business that’s 95% rejection, so don’t take it personally. You may not get the part, but you may make an impression for a later project. That’s how the system works.


Audition Tips: When you show up for an audition have your head shots and business card handy. Before you sign in…Ask if there are any changes to the script. Don’t sit down. Stand in a quiet place – by standing you keep your energy up and geared for the part. Take the time to look over the script one more time and note any new changes, then sign in.


Once called, they will probably ask you to state your name and the agency that represents you. A video camera will document the audition as the director cues you to begin. Keep in mind that your audition began the moment you stepped in the room. You only have one chance to make a good impression, so give it your best shot.


After you do your reading, you will be excused by the director, informed of any call back, if any, and you’re done. That’s it. Go for it!


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